Senin, Juli 07, 2008

not FINISHED yet !!!

Alhamhamdulillah ... minumrindu

After six day, I "finished" the game. I read all clue and source to resolve the level of the game.
Google, Yogyafree, and the forum.

But this is far from over yet, the real game is waiting for me in *****.
Please... wish me luck sembah doa sembah

Note : The game is not really 100% finished, it's just a beginning.
The real game for the player is to hack the website it self setan.

Kamis, Juli 03, 2008

Hacking Game

I never interest of hacking game before because alot of them use an English as a language.
Finally I found an Indonesian hacking game

I have a plan to make a review or say it a clue to resolve the game after I finish all the level.

That's why I left this blog for a moment to play the game.

I joined at July 2nd 2008, and after July 4th, only one level left to play.
It's a Cryptography level 4.
It's hard to finish because the master of the game did not exactly create the level as a RC4 cryptography (I found about it in forum). garupale

I still confuse how to create php program to resolve that level (I only know php language program penat)

Suggestions and help are welcome minum